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Providence Investment Partners is an independent investment management company, incorporated in August 2015. The Company evolved from the Moolman Group, one of the larger and most respected commercial real estate investment and development companies in South Africa.  Our aim is to provide superior long-term returns to all co-investors.

Providence means ‘timely preparation for eventualities’ and sits true with our core beliefs, guiding us in all decision-making. In order to prepare for eventualities, one has to invest for the long-term. We believe that trying to time the market is futile. By remaining invested, we are able to capture the equity risk premium and generate higher returns. We follow a simple approach and consistently apply it through different market cycles. We pay particular attention to costs and therefore reduce it by making use of exchange-traded funds (ETF’s) and keeping turnover low in the portfolio. The success of our business is premised on integrity, trust and long-term relationships with all stakeholders. We are a client-focused business and understand that putting our client’s interest first is critical..


We predominantly invest in listed global equities. Our expertise lies in successfully allocating capital, whether it be passive strategies or forming alliances with other investment managers whose value system aligns with ours.

We pay particular attention to the cost structure of investments and only pay for skills where we believe above benchmark returns can be generated over the long term. A material portion of our assets is invested alongside our clients, meaning our interest are fully aligned with our investors.


In our desire to offer our clients with a comprehensive range of financial solutions, we have formed a strategic partnership with Impetus Wealth (FSP 8205).

Impetus Wealth pride themselves in being independent and also offering quality advice at the highest level..

Visit www.impetuswealth.co.za for more information.